A Vietnamese-English Neural Machine Translation System (INTERSPEECH 2022 Show & Tell)

The web demo


We present VinAI Translate—a system that integrates state-of-the-art deep learning technologies in speech and natural language processing to translate speech and text between Vietnamese and English. Experimental results show that our system obtains a state-of-the-art performance for each translation direction, and outperforms Google Translate in both automatic and human evaluations.

In 2022 23rd Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association

Pre-trained VinAI Translate models vinai/vinai-translate-vi2en and vinai/vinai-translate-en2vi are state-of-the-art text translation models for Vietnamese-to-English and English-to-Vietnamese, respectively. Our demonstration system VinAI Translate employing these pre-trained models is available at: https://vinai-translate.vinai.io.

Tuan-Duy H. Nguyen
Tuan-Duy H. Nguyen
ML + Data Engineer/Researcher